Decorative Concrete Driveways Increase Curb Appeal

July 9, 2024

Decorative concrete is a great way to smooth out your driveway as well as highlight your home’s curbside appeal. If your current drive is damaged, it can detract from the overall appearance of your home as well as pose hazards for guests and your cars. While a new driveway may seem like an extravagance, it can actually increase property value and there are many reasonably priced options available. Existing driveways can also be overlaid or cut to enhance the appearance.

Before picking out any design ideas, take a walk around your neighborhood and check out the local driveways. What colors, patterns, and materials are popular? Do they blend in well with the architecture and style of the home, or do they distract? Are homes in the area conservative with traditional styling or is there more of a modern, unique flair to people’s tastes? Once you get an idea of local trends, you can better choose decorative concrete that will not only reflect your preferences but will be in line with the property market. While you want your driveways in coventry and home to standout, you’ll want to do so in a tasteful manner in order to maximize value.

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Once you’ve done your research, take a look at your options. There are several different types of decorative concrete available which include a wide array of possible patterns, textures, and layouts. Stamping is currently one of the more popular choices. This is where the wet surface is stamped with a design or texture, most often to resemble stone, cobblestone, wood, or other materials that aren’t as practical for lining a driveway. The surface can then be stained using any number of different techniques like acid or dye-based to achieve a realistic color.

If you’re comfortable with the condition of your existing driveway but want to add more flair, there is a technique called engraving. Craftsmen “redesign” the surface using tools to cut around individual stones, creating intricate tile or rock-like patterns. The area can then be colored as an entire unit or in pieces to create a specific design. Since the surface is already set, in order to create a stamped look an overlay must be placed over the existing surface.

Most people choose to extend the design of the driveway into a garden path or a patio. Mixing and matching styles is also possible and can create a dramatic look that is still seamless. However, there are some disadvantages to choosing decorative concrete. The main issue is the extra care required to maintain its appearance. A little bit of regular maintenance is required to keep it in good condition for many years, but fortunately it’s not time consuming or cost prohibitive. Stains should be treated quickly, as some surfaces will still absorb it causing discoloration. Simply use some dish detergent and a heavy brush to remove it. The sealant that is placed once the drive is installed will also have to be reapplied every couple of years to ensure effectiveness. A canister can be bought at most hardware stores and applied in an afternoon.

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